Hot, hotter, hottest!

Today, the 14th of August 2020, I decided to add a blog again.
Nothing very special: just to let you know I am still alive and kicking.

The last 2 weeks it was extreme hot for The Netherlands.
Lucky enough I am in my last few days from the summer holiday, so the last 2 weeks I took everything easy.
A lot of swimmingpool time, hanging on the sofa, visiting my dad… I mentioned: taking it easy!

I planned to do some renovation work.
The temperature in the first days of my holiday were reasonable to do some work, so I did.
After that: forget it…..there will be more days!

I did spent some time adding new items to the webshop.
This time reference books: mainly Dutch and English written.
For the rest…..pfff…I just could not put my self behind the keyboard with the heat.

I also visited a hobby shop and bought me some models for my own collection….again!
Got some online ordered scale models for my own collection….again!
Even started to work on a model again….since a year!

Something completely different was a request I received to write an artikel for a Dutch scale figure magazine.
Let me get it straight: it was nothing about figures, but all about this site.
For some reason they were interested in me, the guy behind the site!
I hope they can handle disappointment if they read my story.
No, it was fun to do and I have seen the pre-release of the article.
It made me smile.

Now the temperature is getting to “normal” level again.
A good thing, because in a few days I have to start with my normal day job and that involves heavy machines that produce heat also.
Hoping I will be able to set my self again to the point I am going to add new goodies to the shop.

So, like always…..keep checking the site, this blog, facebook and you will be up to date!

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