A strange world!

“A strange world!”: that is what I am thinking a lot lately.

“Why?” you might think.
Well, because of what is happening in the world.

Since COVID19 dominates the world and causes people to act in a way I can’t understand.

Those who keep track on my posts on Facebook, or know me in real life, are aware of the fact that I am a first wave victim of the COVID19 virus in The Netherlands.
Lost my mom because of the virus.
My dad and my self been in hospital due the agressieve version of the virus.
My girlfriend been in quarantine for 18 weeks because of the “mild” version of the virus.

Let me set it straight: I am not afraid of the virus, but are afraid how people deal with it.
Everyone has an opinion on how and what.
I respect them all, but can’t understand why people can’t respect mine!

It seems to me that everyone wants to be right in their opinion.
Each individual thinks he knows all and the world has to know about it.
If others question their opinion they start shouting, screaming or even get violant to proof their point.

Why have people stopped listening?
Why do they always start shouting and screaming?

Of course I don’t always agree with what people say, but by listening what they do say I can learn facts I did not think of before.
Open a change to compare opinions and try to search for a better way to deal with the situation.

However, to me it seems that less and less people are willing to listening.
It makes me sad that I am loosing fait in humanity.
I experience a lot of negative energy and it affects me as a human.

It is also a reason why I have not added a lot of items to my webshop, write blogs on regular base or practice my hobby’s and other projects.
Negative energy makes me wonder why I would take the effort?

Well, to get rid of negative energy I have to act my self, because I can’t wait untill humanity changes.

What works for me can be considered selfish, but I stopped watching the news, skip messages on social media or even delete people from my friends lists.
It helps me to create a bubble that I can manage.
Manage to stop negativity and accept positivity.

When I feel positive, I feel stronger.
When I feel stronger, I can be more positive.
If I feel stronger and positive, I can handle negativity.
If I can achive the above, I want to create.
If I want to create, I have energy to work on my projects and hobby’s.

I want to spend time rebuilding and renovating my industrial building again.
I want to make constructive changes in our house again.
I want to build scale models again.
I want to airbrush and brush paint again.

The life before COVID19 will never be the same again.
If living in a bubble makes the above mentioned “wants” possible again, then so be it!

So people, please be patient with each other.
Try to keep your mouth shut and try to listening a bit more.
Be positive and have fait.
We can manage if we think global in our own manageble bubble.

Stay safe!

8 thoughts on “A strange world!”

  1. Good piece of writing you did there Henry….putting your thoughts together and share them with us is in some way a sense of creativity too. Although you say that you might loose faith in the world, you found a positive solution and managed to deal with all kind of negetivaty! As a famous philosofer ones said: “why don’t you knock it off with them negatieve waves”

    1. Henri van Meel

      Thanks Martin!

      I did write blogs in the past to get my thoughts orginized!
      And yes, Oddball was a great philosofer! 🙂

  2. Well spoken nephew! I had never visite your website before, but you rule! Stay positive, that’s our strenght.

  3. Mike van der Haar

    Kinda late for a comment perhaps, but still…
    Haven’t visited your website for quite a while, I bought the M12…if that still rings a bell?
    I’m sorry to hear you had so much bad things happening to you and your beloved ones.
    As for the rest of your blog: I totally understand and I’m most certainly with you!
    Keep up the positive vibes! 👍😉

    1. Henri van Meel

      Thanks Mike for your reply!
      Much appriciated.
      Yes , it did ring a bell and I hope you had fun with it.

        1. Henri van Meel

          I do exactly know what you mean!
          Most of my models are that way: just for looking! Ha ha ha!

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