The site is live!

19th of July 2020 this web shop went live.

Well, not complete true, because it was up already for a few days.
However, I did not tell anyone.
“Why?” you might think.
Well, because there had to be done some finetuning in the ordering proces and email proces.

It contained heavy shit finetuning that would take me a lot of time if I had to do it my self.
Not that I would not manage, but I would cost me to much time and energie.
I needed to get familiar with specific words and meanings of them.
If this was something I would need to do on regular bases, then I would have taken the effort to learn.
To my opnion I needed it only once: to get the site up and running.

So, let do people what they know best and focus my self on other subjects.
The 19th of July 2020 was the day of the launch!
4 months earlier then planned, because originaly it was planned for the end of November.

On the 19th of July 2020 around 17:15 I made the announcement on facebook!
It was live!!!!!

The same evening the first orders came in, halleluja!

However, the next day I got a feeling something did not work like ment to do.
It appeared that I did not receive emails that were send to me.

In the afternoon I contacted my friend who had done the deep shit finetuning and told him my suspection.
Within 10 minutes he found the problem.
1 or 2 setting we forgot to change.
Some tests more and as far as I can tell for know: it is Live!!!!

The adding of items will continue.

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