WW2 U.S. ski goggles

This is a nice looking item in brand new never used condition, but for sure WWII.
These goggles were originally meant for skiing troops and mountain troops.
In the “GI collectors guide” they are described as: goggles with green tinted glass lenses, issued to mountain troops to prevent snow blindness.
The goggles were carried in an artificial leather case, holding 2 spare lenses.
This pattern superseded other mountain goggles which had triangular lenses and a large case closed by 2 snap buttons.
The box they were issued in has a label that reads “With type 1 lenses, extra type III lenses” and also “B.Q.M.D. 10-15-42”
The lenses of the goggles look like they are broken, but they are not.
Apparently it is caused by age and it is some kind of oil or glue that has dried out.

Mentioned in “GI collector’s guide Volume 1” on page 153

stamped in the leather nose piece with “FGCO”

Condition: mint / never used > lenses look like they are cracked, but they are not
Caused by storage and it is probably the filter that was added on the glasses.

Ask for additional photo’s to see condition of lenses!


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