WW2 U.S. airplane gun camera USAAF

A nice item, but didn’t know if it had to be placed in the weapon section or this section.
This is a U.S. WW2 airplane gun camera, Type AN-N6.
These were placed near the onboard guns to register claimed shoot downs of enemy plains.
On the camera is a date that shows 1951 and there is a paper label that shows 1957.
The 1951 date is the date the camera was checked and the 1957 was again a control date.
Controls were done in Canada, as the tags shows.
The camera is attached to a piece of wood, to prevent damage and so that it can displayed perfectly.
You can tell why it is a WW2 camera by 2 facts.
First fact is that you can read on the type plate “U.S. army air force” or in short USAAF.
After the war this became U.S. airforce or short USAF.
The second fact is serial number that reads “Serial No. AF44-13405”.
The “44” represents the date.

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