WW2 U.S. 3 pocket pouch No.4

WW2 U.S, 3 pocket pouch.
These were used to carry hand grenades, but they told me that they were also used by medics to carry extra bandages.
Pouch has the hook to attach it to the waist belt and a set of leg straps to tie the pouch to the upper leg.
This prevents that the pouch bounces up and down while you are running.
Most time you will see the greenish smooth surface versions.
This one looks like it was made in England.
How ever, they are not marked as such, so just an other material used.

Both version pouches are mention in “The GI collectors guide” Volume 1 on page 101.

marked on the top lid with “U.S.”.
On the back marked with maker and date.
Condition: mint


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