WW2 Dutch surrogate chewing tobacco

Now and then you still can find WW2 packages of Dutch surrogate cigarettes, but this is rather unusual to find.

It is a pack of chewing tobacco that contained 50 grams.

The “amateur tabak” was not a specific brand, but was the name given to all tobacco that was home grown, dried and chopped to be smoked.

Most time the Germans allowed that people would grown there own tobacco, but these people could only bring it to specific places to be processed from raw material to actual smoking or chewing tobacco.
These processers had to charge the taxes, so the government ( read Germans) still benefited from the peoples hard labour to have something to smoke.

Pack still has its original tax label and is unopened.

So, it still contains its original tobacco.
My advice: keep it closed, because chewing it might will kill you!


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