WW2 U.S. ammo bag M1 (No.3)

A very rare item !!!!
I only have seen it once more in a collection and that one came from the battlefield and was beaten up.
had some in the past in perfect mint condition.
These are used but 300% sure original WW2 !
It is a so called M1 type ammo carrying bag.
These were used to carry mortar shells, bazooka rounds, machine gun ammo, etc.
Round the bag is stitched a heavy duty canvas belt that also functions as a carrying strap.
Strap has a heavy buckle that made it possible to adjust the length of the carrying strap.
Found an original picture were a bag could be seen.

Mentioned in “GI collector’s guide volume 2” on page 57

marked on the front with “bag, ammunition, M1” (fainted)
Over this is a big white number “2” added.

Condition: used but complete and with out tears or rips


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