WW2 U.S. airborne jump liner

WW2 U.S. airborne / paratrooper jump liner.
Like pictures show, the liner outside was painted white.
Why? I don’t know!
Most likely explanation would be that it was done for a kind of winter camouflage.

It is a liner that boggled already some minds, because the liner is made by Westinghouse.
However, it has khaki A-straps and small brass buckles, like normally only seen on Inland paratrooper jump liners.
I had an original Inland jump liner and the material, structure and production points from the A-straps were exactly the same.
My logic explanation is that: when Inland lost the contract from the government and Westinghouse was granted as the new producer, Westinghouse got a batch of A-straps from Inland and used them on their first jump liners.
I can not prove it, because there is no documentation.

I have had a lot of liners in my hands during my collecting period and all seems legit on this liner.

Never the less I kept price reasonable!


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