WW2 British pathfinder marker light

This is a very rare marker light that I only found once in the 25 years that I collected.

Originally it is to my opinion a RAF mobile runway landing light.
However, in one of the Michel De Trez books is a wartime picture were British airborne Pathfinders are lined up, before getting in their planes, with one of these type of lights in front of them.

Perfect logic if you consider that these were used for small runways, that they also can be used to mark dropzones!

The light comes with 4 different colored loose lenses.
All lenses are marked with a 5A number.
A typical way of marking for RAF items.
In the pictures the red lens is still intact, but during storage it cracked in two.
Can be glued with superglue, but that is for the new owner to decide.

The light it self is made of metal with a protective wireframe that goes over the lens.
It the light casing there is a holder were the battery is placed.

The only marking that gives away that it is wartime, is the marking on the switch that shows the Air Ministry markings with crown and item number.

Very nice rare unusual item in very good condition!
Pictures tell all!!!!


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